Instructor: Assistant Professor Tatiana Triantafyllidou, New Annex, Faculty of Philosophy, Office 5Β, Tel. 2310 997565.
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The Chair’s Curriculum includes two specialisations: 

  • Learning Russian as a Foreign Language

The Russian Language courses aim at:

  • developing the students’ communication skills with regard to the comprehension and production of oral and written language,
  • providing certification for the four levels of language proficiency (Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Literature and Cultural History Courses

The courses in Literature and Cultural History aim at:

  • getting the students acquainted with the literature, culture and history of Russia
  • making students aware of and familiarising them with the traditions, customs and daily life of the Russian people


Within the framework of the courses on Literature and Cultural History, lectures-talks are organised on issues relating to Russian history and culture (literature, visual arts, music, cinema, etc.), and their development over time in Tsarist Russia, the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, the Chair also organises group visits to theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions, in order for students to come into direct contact with the culture, arts and history of Russia.

Based on the above, the Curriculum is as follows: